Kai is the Ninja of fire and is as hot headed as a pepper.

In the ShowEdit


In the pilot episodes Kai is introduced to the team and is the main character. He tries to be better than the others, he nearly gets the ninja caught when looking for the Scythe of Quakes. At the Temple of Fire, Lord Garmadon use the Element of Mind to make Kai believe Nya was telling him to come, really it was garmadon. Kai was the first to find his Dragon.

Rise of the SnakesEdit

Kai and the others seek to find a new home after their's is destroyed by serpentine. Zane follows the Falcon after Kai and the others make fun of him and he finds the bounty. Kai is the last one to find his True Potential, but in doing so he discovers Lloyd is the Green Ninja.


Kai is the ninja thet discovers thathe and the other ninja have become kids.

Cold as StoneEdit

Kai and the others regain their elemental abilities. Kai also seems to think more of his siter, Nya.


Kai and the others find the Techno weapons in the statue they use them to reboot the system. However, Kai is self-concious.

Tournament of ElementsEdit

Kai is know the Red Shogun, but Lloyd stops by and they meet at Chen's Noodles. They end up going to the Tournament where Kai finds the love of his life, Skylor. He later saves the day by breaking the staff.